See how to remove skin makeup in the right way-step by step A lot of people end up sleeping with their makeup, which is something extremely wrong. The waste of makeup can cause allergies, damage the skin. Removing the makeup before going to sleep is essential to keep your skin clean and healthy, free of pimples and carnations. But knowing how to remove the skin step by step will also give you the opportunity to eliminate debris from dust and pollution that have accumulated in the face throughout the day. Heres how to do this: Step 1: Remove the makeup from the eyes The eyes will be the first area of the face that you should remove the ma....keep reading
See how to end the dark circles using milk The dark circles are something that can end a persons day. Thats because, they leave the expression tiresome, and depending on the situation, it will make the person too uncomfortable. To get rid of the bags and circles under your eyes once and for all, you will only have to put into practice these tips and have a much less tiring expression. Milk can help slow them down. Heres how: Ingredients Half a glass of milk (use full milk if you have dry skin and decide for the milknatado If your skin is oily) 2 gauzes or 2 cotton discs (both will be fine) Steps to follow: Place t....keep reading
How to remove the hard shell that forms in the feet step by step The hard shell, can be defined as a thickening of the skin that occurs due to an increase of cells in the affected area, which makes the feet not look as beautiful as we would like. In addition, it can bring a slight discomfort, so knowing how to remove step by step is useful not only to enhance the beauty of this area, but also to enjoy the utmost wellness. Heres how: Step 1: Use a stone-Apples The Stone-Apples It is a small beauty accessory and at the same time useful that, due to its rough surface, it allows to eliminate calluses and hardness, making it easier to remove the ....keep reading
Learn how to keep your lips always beautiful and healthy using the avocado Many people seek home remedies that help keep their lips young for longer, as it is common that, over the years, thin lines of expression appear in this delicate area of the face. Although there are many natural resources that promote the youth of the lips and the skin, this time we will focus on two of the most suitable to achieve this goal: avocado and olive oil. Heres how to prepare this simple and homemade recipe and keep your lips always beautiful: Ingredients: A ripe avocado A spoon of olive oil Virgin (You can also use coconut oil or sweet almond oil) Steps to follow: ....keep reading
7 Myths about skin care that are fake and that you did not know Knowing some myths about skin care that are fake will give you the opportunity to improve the appearance of the face and body and the quality of your daily routine of beauty. And there are many beliefs that, although widespread among society, are completely false and only cause the skin to suffer and age more quickly. Meet 7 of them: 1) Oily skin does not need hydration: There are many people with oily skin who think it is better not to nourish the face because they believe that this gesture increases sebum production. However, hydration is essential for all skin ....keep reading
Learn how to stop cellulite using coffee To eliminate cellulite not only is it necessary to have a healthy and balanced diet and practice some sport, but also make use of natural remedies. A recipe you can make using just a little ground coffee, is a very economical natural ingredient that will take care of dissolving fat clumps and activating blood circulation due to its caffeine richness. Ingredients: Some ground coffee Steps to follow: Apply ground coffee to the skin of the body after moisten it with water. It is important that you perform this process by performing a gentle circular ascending massage that starts....keep reading
Nail fungus? See how to finish them quickly with this homemade remedy Nail fungus is something thats completely irritating. First because besides leaving the nails ugly, it is very complicated to treat. Some people get to use various remedies without efficiency to rid of the fungi that insist on staying. But, there are some foods that can help fight fungi and even better the look of the nails. Like bananas and garlic. The banana is not the only protagonist of this homemade beauty trick focused on eliminating nail fungus, as we are faced with a hint that also takes advantage of the multiple benefits of garlic. An ingredient that is considered a na....keep reading
How to clean makeup brushes without chemicals Did you know that there are natural ingredients that can help you keep your brushes in perfect condition? Firstly it is important you know that keeping the brushes we use to apply makeup products on clean skin last longer and will not harm your health. The dirt and bacteria that accumulate in the bristles of the brushes can obstruct the pores and cause the appearance of impurities, redness and irritation on the face. Heres how: The olive oil and vinegar are some of the ingredients you need to keep in your pantry. Olive oil is a fantastic natural product so that the dirt accum....keep reading
5 fringes for each type of face; Choose your according to the shape of your face When someone Want a change of visual the first thing you think about is changing the color or making a fringe. But although this latter option seems the best is not always the right one, because not all of us have the same kind of contour in the face. The Fringe is a way to frame the face, but if it is cut inappropriately, everything can end in disaster, for example, if the person has a round face and cut it straight, it is very likely that it is possible to highlight their cheeks. In case you dont know what kind of fringe suits you, here are some suggestions. 1. Oval Face To balan....keep reading
10 foods you should stop eating if you want to have the body of your dreams Perhaps you have been for some time, having a consistent exercise routine and healthy eating habits, but have not yet obtained the desired result, especially in one of the most important areas to achieve a slender figure and also the most difficult of Define: the abdomen The factors may vary, but one of the most important is the food. It is likely that you are not consuming the right foods, and a healthy and balanced diet is essential to achieving the narrow waist you desire. Here we present the foods that you should definitely stop consuming to achieve your goal in less time. 1) G....keep reading
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